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The original and most comprehensive chemical training courses globally. We create & provide world class training courses that help you progress, develop and gain a greater understanding of today's Chemical Industry.

Public training courses

Our public courses are led by our expert training team from around the globe who are vastly experienced in both their subject matter and in the most effective ways for you to learn.

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In-house training courses

We also provide and create an in-house learning experiences. All of our in-house training courses are completely tailored to your company’s needs!

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About Nexant Training

Nexant Training creates industry leading Petrochemical training courses that provide delegates with a greater understanding of today’s Chemical Industry. We have trained over 10,000 industry professionals for over 30 years. Providing public & in-house Petrochemical training courses globally.

Our courses provide a broad understanding of the petrochemical industry to a wide audience. They examine the petrochemical value chains, from oil and gas to the basic building blocks and through to the intermediates, polymers and end-uses. They also deal with the external environment – How the macroeconomic and the energy environment affect the chemical industry.

‘The Global Petrochemical Industry’ training course is widely recognized as the original and most comprehensive Petrochemical  training course in the chemical industry.

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Our Global Training Formats

We currently run three different training courses, 'Global Petrochemical Industry', 'Business Management & Economics' & our new 'Chemical Training for the Financial Services'. These courses are available publicly at locations around the world and also as in-house courses.

Public Training

We deliver our chemical training courses in different regions, throughout the year, and with a typical course duration of
three days.

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In-House Training

We can help with your company’s training and development needs. We design the course and bring it to your offices.

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Energy & Chemical Training

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Discover Nexant Training; we deliver the original and most comprehensive chemical training courses.

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Understand the industry from oil & gas, refining, chemical value chains, to end products.

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Learn about today’s hot topics, technological advances and macro trends influencing the chemical industry.

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Join over 10,000 professionals that have taken part in one of our chemical training courses over the last three decades.

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"Kept at the right level of details. Up to date figures. Very interactive and lots of images, videos to make
it interesting."

"The impressive amount of information covered in such as short time. Liked how it related and tied it all together. Manuel is a wealth of knowledge."

"The training perfectly connected the business/ economical side to the scientific side, which made it very useful for me. The hand-outs are extremely valuable."

"Excellent course! The instructor has a talent to turn plain material into a super interesting presentation."

"Great way to refresh existing knowledge and increase awareness about all products. Should be taken by all employees."

"Collaboration was the key for getting this course right. Participants like the mix of topics and activities."