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A new chemical industry workshop designed for investors and advisors to the chemicals sector | New York, October 16

We’re excited to bring our one-day Chemical Industry training course for the financial services industry to New York for the very first time!

Building on our many years of expertise in the chemical industry, we have designed a one-day training course tailored specifically for participants from the financial services community (advisors and investors).

Taught by Vice-President of Nexant Training, Manuel Asali, the training commences with an overview of the energy context and how the main petrochemical value chains are derived, followed by topics most relevant to the financial services industry.

The content is designed to ensure that all participants have a good working understanding of the following:

  • Basic structure of the international petroleum and gas business
  • Review of the main chemical value chains
  • Economics of petrochemicals production (cost of production modelling) and review of the main drivers of cost competitiveness (feedstock, utilities considerations, process technologies etc.)
  • Differences in regional production economics including the implication of feedstock access and prices, logistics and trade costs etc.
  • Evaluating key commercial and operational risks for chemicals investments
  • Strategic aspects and major trends in the industry, including insights on the implications of shale oil and gas on chemical production, cracking lighter feedstocks, plastics recycling and downgauging, alternative feedstock developments, e.g., chemicals from coal and renewable sources etc.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the Nexant Training team please email

Download a full agenda by clicking here

Training location – Shelburne Hotel & Suites, 303 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA
Training dates – Tuesday October 216, 2018, 9AM – 5PM
Course fee – $1,250

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"Kept at the right level of details. Up to date figures. Very interactive and lots of images, videos to make
it interesting."

"The impressive amount of information covered in such as short time. Liked how it related and tied it all together. Manuel is a wealth of knowledge."

"The training perfectly connected the business/ economical side to the scientific side, which made it very useful for me. The hand-outs are extremely valuable."

"Excellent course! The instructor has a talent to turn plain material into a super interesting presentation."

"Great way to refresh existing knowledge and increase awareness about all products. Should be taken by all employees."

"Collaboration was the key for getting this course right. Participants like the mix of topics and activities."