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Download our article on the benefits of applying CVM to fertilizer businesses | By Nexant and CVM

The fertilizer competitive landscape is in change. Production costs are narrowing and production overcapacity has depressed operating rates, leading to decreased  prices and profitability for most players.

This article features proven methods to capture value by optimizing marketing, sales and pricing strategies to create and capture value, and to improve profitability from existing business and from new opportunities. CVM has brought significant success and delivered profit growth to businesses in similar highly competitive, cost-pressured and commoditised markets. CVM enables companies to build a stronger market position and develop more enlightened marketing, sales and pricing strategies – based on customer needs and value-drivers.

Nexant and CVM contend that CVM can create more sustainable, profitable growth for your fertilizer business – by providing you with the capabilities, creativity, confidence and courage to transform your business and market position. We are ready and able to advise you and demonstrate how to bring about this transformation.

Click above to download this article co-written by Phil Allen, CEO, Customer Value Management GmbH, and Dr Dimitrios Dimitriou, fertiliz­ers sector lead and Managing Consultant, Nexant |


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