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In-House training modules

In addition to the modules described below, Nexant Training can offer other modules on various topics. These are typically half day sessions and can again, also be tailored or combined to fit company’s specific needs. Contact us to find out more.

Coal to Chemicals

This module looks in detail at the chemistry and the dynamics of making chemicals from coal. The technologies of coal gasification, Fischer Tropsch and methanol to olefins (MTO/MTP) are reviewed in detail. This module can be of interest in locations developing chemicals and energy based on coal.

Gas to Chemicals

Similar to the previous module but it looks at natural gas (ie, methane) instead of coal.

Chemicals from Bio Feedstocks

This module summarises the main inputs from the Bio/Petrochemical three day course and provides an overview of biofeedstocks for the chemical industry. Several locations that have interest in developing chemicals and energy based on sugar or other bio feedstocks.

Project Finance

This module looks into the main items necessary in project finance, both from the project proponent’s perspective as well as from the lender’s side (ie, the banks or syndicates that finance large projects). This training looks at various topics including how the financing is structured and what the lenders are looking for. The content also looks at the issues that can cause problems such as technology risk, project delays, etc. and how to mitigate them.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Dynamics

This module looks at trends in the natural gas and LNG markets. The energy uses of methane are covered in detail. Other areas are reviewed that are specific to petrochemicals, such as the increased movement of LNG and natural gas liquids and how this will influence refining and petrochemical investment in the future. The role of renewables in power generation is explored.

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"Kept at the right level of details. Up to date figures. Very interactive and lots of images, videos to make
it interesting."

"The impressive amount of information covered in such as short time. Liked how it related and tied it all together. Manuel is a wealth of knowledge."

"The training perfectly connected the business/ economical side to the scientific side, which made it very useful for me. The hand-outs are extremely valuable."

"Excellent course! The instructor has a talent to turn plain material into a super interesting presentation."

"Great way to refresh existing knowledge and increase awareness about all products. Should be taken by all employees."

"Collaboration was the key for getting this course right. Participants like the mix of topics and activities."