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Our other chemical training courses

As part of our In-House chemical training service, we can also offer a wide range of other training courses on various topics which are described below. All of these additional training courses can be tailored or combined to fit your company’s specific training needs. Contact us to find out more.

Defining Refining

This course looks at the technologies, products and market dynamics related to refineries, including impact of IMO bunker fuel legislation, penetration scenarios for electric vehicles and industry profitability. The materials cover industry dynamics, consolidation in the industry, types of crude oil, types of refineries (eg, from simple to complex) and markets for refined products.
1 day (or 2 days if includes the Refinery and Petrochemical Integration course explained below)
Perfect introduction to the world of refining.


Refinery and Petrochemical Integration

This course builds on the materials from refinery and petrochemical courses and looks at the interface between the refinery and the petrochemical complex, specifically looking at streams that can be optimised between the refinery and the steam cracker as well as
aromatics, C5 + and hydrogen. The course covers the main advantages and challenges of refinery-petrochemical integration and also
discusses how the petrochemical value chains are affected depending on the feedstocks available from the refinery.
1 day (or 2 days if includes the Defining Refining course explained above)
This module is ideal for oil/gas companies wanting to monetize resources downstream as well as for chemical companies that want to
integrate upstream.


One Day Petrochemical Industry Course

This course consists of a summarised version of the Global Petrochemical Industry Course in one day. The training provides a brief
description of feedstocks, building blocks and main value chains. This course is ideal for personnel that do not possess a technical
background (such as HR, finance or administration) but who still wish to learn what the industry is about and may benefit from understanding
the industry context or, for example, a company’s activity and product range.
Some companies request this course during the same week as the the Global Petrochemical Industry to reduce costs and offer it to
employees with non-technical background.


The Bio/Petrochemical Industry; how traditional petrochemicals compare and compete with new and alternative bio based

This three-day course provides an overview of the technology and economics of bio-renewables from different types of bio-feedstocks to
make chemicals. It also explains the complex relationships between the conventional industry and growing bio-based substitutes.
The Global Petrochemical Industry Course can be adjusted and expanded to include information on bio-routes to chemicals.


Senior Executive Chemical Industry Dynamics Training

The “Senior Executive Chemical Industry Dynamics Training” course is designed specifically for Senior Executives, VPs, and managers and
addresses the key challenges and opportunities facing management in the chemical industry today. The content reviews key global trends,
markets, technology disruption, M&A, operational efficiency and other key management topics such as financing, regulation and leadership.
Some of the items can be prepared and presented as separate topics.


Project Feasibility and Economic Analysis Training

The objective of this course is to train chemical industry personnel and other related staff in the understanding of the elements involved in
reviewing the feasibility and economic analysis of potential projects. The content looks at cost of production, capital expenditure, cash flow
modelling, project feasibility measures (IRR, NPV, etc.) and forecasting. The course is ideal for people with a science or engineering
background who need to understand the financial and business aspects of the industry, especially for new projects. This course assumes no
prior knowledge in building financial models.
2.5 days
Segments of this course can also be prepared as individual modules.


Advanced Petrochemical Markets and Economics

This training course takes content from the Business Management and Economics course. The main difference between both courses is that
this course looks in more detail into margins, price setting mechanisms and related issues without looking into so much detail into items such
as strategic investment and other business considerations.
3 days
The content can be tailored specifically to the company’s needs.


Strategic Planning in the Chemical Industry

This training review the main strategic planning tools used in the chemical industry, from conventional competitiveness criteria to the review of
competitors and their different strategies.
1 – 2 days depending on the depth and areas of interest.
Most of this material is also covered in the Business Management and Economics course explained above.


Advanced Petrochemical Technologies

This training course has been developed for chemical engineers and other professionals who are interested in understanding the detailed
petrochemical technologies. This course starts by looking at the processes that produce the petrochemical building blocks (in the refinery and
the steam cracker) and goes on to review the technologies of the main value chains, one by one. The course ends with a detailed review of
polymers and polymerisation techniques.
4 days
Technologies can be tailored according to client’s preferences.


Contact us to find out more a discuss your companies In-House learning, development & training requirements.


"Kept at the right level of details. Up to date figures. Very interactive and lots of images, videos to make
it interesting."

"The impressive amount of information covered in such as short time. Liked how it related and tied it all together. Manuel is a wealth of knowledge."

"The training perfectly connected the business/ economical side to the scientific side, which made it very useful for me. The hand-outs are extremely valuable."

"Excellent course! The instructor has a talent to turn plain material into a super interesting presentation."

"Great way to refresh existing knowledge and increase awareness about all products. Should be taken by all employees."

"Collaboration was the key for getting this course right. Participants like the mix of topics and activities."